Alfit's Kitchen Refurbishment & Decarbonisation Project

Project Overview:
Alfit Commercial Ltd, a leading name in commercial construction and interior fit-out, proudly announces the successful completion of a transformative Kitchen Refurbishment & Decarbonisation Project in collaboration with Advance Kitchens. This project represents a significant milestone in Alfit’s commitment to professionalism, ethics, and sustainability.

Project Objectives:
Shift from natural gas to fully electric, state-of-the-art kitchens. Enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility in healthcare settings.

Key Features Implemented:

Antibacterial Wipe-Clean Wall Cladding:

  • Ensures a sterile and easy-to-maintain environment.
  • Contributes to overall cleanliness and safety.

Gas Decommissioning:

  • Complete disconnection and removal of existing gas pipework.
  • Replacement with new electric appliances equipped with energy-saving technology.

Stainless Steel Worksurfaces:

  • Facilitates rigorous sanitisation.
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial contamination.

State-of-the-Art Sinks with Knee-Operated Taps:

  • Enhances hand hygiene.
  • Minimises touchpoints for staff and residents’ well-being.

Streamlined Design for Bacteria Prevention:

  • Meticulous design eliminates catchment areas where bacteria can thrive.
  • Contributes to a safer kitchen environment.

Electrical Safety:

  • All electrical components and wiring channelled into the walls.
  • Ensures safety and compliance with industry standards.

Environmental Health Standards:

  • Meets stringent Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines.

Contributes to the overall well-being and health of care facility residents.

Success and Partnerships:

Luke Boxhall, Divisional Projects Director for Advance Kitchens, commented on the successful project, “We are delighted to report this full kitchen refurbishment for our valued client has been completed to an excellent finish, both on time and to budget. This milestone demonstrates our dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering top-tier solutions for our clients. We are already making significant headway on the next location, further solidifying the success of our partnership with Alfit Commercial Ltd.”

Aled Lewis, Managing Director of Alfit Commercial Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “The collaboration between Alfit Commercial Ltd and Advance Kitchens is a testament to our shared values of innovation, safety, and sustainability. We believe that by working together, we can make a meaningful impact by increasing efficiency, safety and environmentally responsible kitchen environments within the healthcare sector. This partnership and project represents a pivotal moment in our journey to sustainability and achieving a carbon zero future.”

Future Commitments:

Alfit Commercial Ltd and Advance Kitchens are committed to making healthcare settings more efficient, safer, and environmentally responsible. Ongoing dedication to sustainability and strategies for a carbon-zero future.